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EduLevel B.V. focuses on the level of bachelor's and master's programmes in higher education

The level of education as an indicator of quality

The level of degree programmes is an important indicator in determining the quality of a given degree programme. Unlike the systems that deal with documentary requirements, EduLevel focuses on the content and syllabus of the programme.

The relevance for students is that the degree programme ensures the achievement of the desired degree level with the knowledge, skills and atiitude required for the effective functioning in society. The body of knowledge, skills and attitude form the concept of the degree programme level at EduLevel. An adequate ascertainment of the degree programme's standard is paramount for the respective field of work which makes demands on the graduates it appoints, as well as for the government, and accordingly society, which count the establishment of high-quality education as one of their objectives.

Expertise of EduLevel

EduLevel has developed the expertise for determining the standard of a degree programme and for the elaboration of concrete recommendations in order to achieve a desired level. In Trudy Rexwinkel's doctoral research national and international studies have been conducted on the degree programme level in highere ducation. This includes experience in the valid and reliable evaluation of the degree programme's level. The comprehension of aspects and characteristics of the degree programme level enable  us to work effectively with the level.

Activities of EduLevel

The activities within EduLevel focus on issues of individual degree programmes. Some examples of assignments are amongst others:

o Empirically determining the level of a professional master's programme and making recommendations to achieve actually the intended level.

o Designing and operationalising a test and evaluation system for an academic master's degree for valid and reliable evaluation.

o The conceptualisation, operationalisation, as well as the valid and reliable measurement of excellence of a professional bachelor's programme, and advising on improving excellence.

o Providing empirical evidence for the academic master's level in a new environment in the process of Extensive Initial Accreditation.

This list of assignsments might be extended. The strength of EduLevel lies in the type of contracts in which a valid and reliable evaluation of the degree programme level is required.