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Evaluating the Level of Degree Programmes in Higher Education: the Case of Nursing

The European Quality Assurance system demands that the degree programme level is represented in terms of quantitative outcomes to be valid and reliable. To meet this need the Educational Level Evaluator (ELE) was devised. This conceptually designed procedure with instrumentation aiming to evaluate the level of a degree validly and reliably still needed empirical evidence. In this study, the ELE was carried out in collaboration with five professional bachelor nursing degree programmes. The degree programme level was conceptualized, [operationalised and measured]. With this study the level was evaluated validly and reliably and the conceptual design was demonstrated to be evidence-based.

Keywords: degree programme level; evaluation; construct validity; reliability

Trudy Rexwinkel, Jacques Haenen and Albert Pilot (2012): Evaluating the level of degree programmes in higher education: the case of nursing, Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, Download a preview of this publication