ELE Framework

ELE framework

The ELE is meant for members of organisations who are responsible for the quality of level of degree programmes e.g. members of the board, policymakers, lecturers, supervisors of degree programmes, members of committees for education and examination, supervisors in quality assurance. In short, the ELE can help those who are interested in making reasoned statements about the level of degree programmes.

A few years ago I was curious and wished to gain more insight into the concept of the degree programme level and in how to measure and evaluate it validly and reliably. Following which I pursued a doctoral degree on this topic in Educational Sciences at Utrecht University. I therefore designed the Educational Level Evaluator (ELE) and conducted various studies in collaboration with members of degree programmes in higher education. Currently, I am involved in various projects assisting in the improvement of the level of degree programmes by effectively employing the ELE.

In case you would like to have more information, for example about the level of your degree programme, on how to increase the visibility of the level, on how to manage and upgrade its current quality, or in case you are wondering if the ELE could be useful for you, please contact me by using the contactform.